When it is not possible for you to stay connected with our parish family due to illness, age or some other reason, we would like to keep in touch with you, and do what we can to help meet your needs. This may include receiving the sacraments of Holy Communion, Anointing of the Sick or Reconciliation, or maybe it’s a friendly visit, or a ride to an appointment.  Whether you are home or in the hospital we want to know how we can help.

Unfortunately, due to privacy laws the hospitals/care facilities do not always contact us when a parishioner is admitted.  To better ensure that we are aware of your admittance and health concerns there a couple things you can do.  Please be sure to answer “yes” when the hospital asks if you would like your parish to be notified.  We will receive a secured email message hopefully by the next morning or sooner.  You can also contact the parish office when you or a loved one is hospitalized and in need of our support.

For more info contact:

Sara Krohnke, 987-4597 – skrohnke@stbonifacechurch.org