Sara Krohnke

Health & Wellness Minister

Sara is the point-of-contact for Health Ministry where she, along with many volunteers, reaches out to those who are going through a difficult time.  Additionally, as the lead person for Express Your Faith, Sara works to promote and share stories of ways we as parishioners express our faith and to see it in action.

About Sara

As the Health & Wellness minister at St. Boniface Sara reaches out to those in need of support due to illness, elderly concerns, financial struggles, or grief support. Through phone calls, visits and cards, Sara lets parishioners know St. Boniface Parish cares and wants to help. Currently St. Boniface has 149 parishioners on the Pastoral Care List. Sara strives to make sure everyone who would like to be contacted is, but unfortunately, she isn’t always aware of individual’s health concerns, so never hesitate to inform her. We recently sat down with Sara to learn more about her work.

Q. How can St. Boniface help parishioners?

A. Through wonderful ministries at St Boniface we can provide support and comfort during a difficult time. With the help of numerous volunteers, we can bring meals to your door through the Meals Ministry. If you are unable to attend Mass we can bring Holy Communion to your home or the hospital or we can provide rides to Mass and/or your appointments. One of the most important ways we can care for you is through prayer. The Prayer Connection is an important part of our ministry as we intentionally pray for the needs of others.

Q. Are there any new programs to be watching for? 

A. Yes, for families who are grieving the loss of a loved one Seasons of Hope Bereavement Group started in December. This grief-support group consists of four, six-week, non-sequential seasons. The first session is just concluding. We will begin another six-week program very soon. We are also in the beginning stages of creating a team of volunteers to help support an inclusive ministry at St. Boniface. This group is exploring ways to offer support to families and to increase their participation in the church community.

Q. If someone asked you to describe St. Boniface in just a few sentences, what would that be?

A. A strong and caring community. I am inspired every day by the work and compassion of our volunteers. There are so many ways they give of their time to help someone in need. Whether it is tending to the needs of homebound parishioners, delivering a meal or care package to a parishioner who is ill, or supporting new ministries, I am humbled by their willingness to go above and beyond to care for others.

Q. Give an example of something associated with your work that was a feel-good moment.

A.  My goal this past year was to offer more resources that will support health and wellness and promote overall well being. I’m happy to say that with the help of an amazing committee and 32 wellness vendors we were able to hold our first annual Health & Wellness Fair. I was very pleased and thankful of the outcome. It is my hope that it will be the first of many wellness fairs, workshops and presentations we will offer to educate and assist parishioners on their journey to better health.