Mission Statement

To be of support to people in need ... better yet, to know the people we help rather than blindly giving to a missionary charity. To expose our parish family to the world as it is ... this is the most important aspect.  We as Americans live in a world of plenty ... and though that is not true for everyone, we don't usually have a tactile way to experience other parts of the world. The ministry of working and sharing with the people of El Recreo allows us that opportunity.

El Salvador | Overview

We the people of St. Boniface Catholic Church have a sister village in El Salvador. The name of the canton is El Recreo. We have helped them by providing barrels for a water collection system, providing seed and fertilizer, sending their children to school through graduation from high school, donating funds for them to build a community church which they named The Sacred Heart of Jesus, created a water chlorination system, and constructing a health clinic.

Delegations go to El Salvador approximately every six months to visit our sister canton. We have found our mission is not so much about going there to build buildings for them but, to build relationships. This has been a very rewarding relationship.  St. Boniface celebrated its 10th anniversary of our first visit with the families of El Recreo in February of 2015. Celebrations were held at both El Recreo and here at St. Boniface. See the video of the El Recreo anniversary celebration. Read a synopsis of our 10th Anniversary 20th Trip to El Salvador. Read articles on our activities and view albums of our trips.

Support Our Ministry

There are many to participate in the El Salvador ministry.  Join Fr. Vince and a delegation to visit El Recreo.  You can also donate to various ongoing projects listed below.

- Send a child to school - $50
- Seed/Fertilizer - $50/ bag
- Emergency Health Fund
- Funding of stipend for Health Clinic Promoter
- Support for June youth delegates
- General El Salvador Donations

Once these projects are completed, the Compadres plan to use the additional funds for many other needs and projects in El Salvador.  Make checks payable to St. Boniface Church. On the memo line please write "El Salvador Ministry". Donate online.