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Blessed Bikers Prayer

Onto the open road we ride—
Surrounded by the fresh air of nature.
Side by side we travel
Down the many roads—
Each day a new adventure—
Each time, new friends.
Bless our comings and goings,
Bless our time together.
Keep us safe as we ride our paths;
May we always notice
The beauty of your creation.
May we put our trust
In the one next to us as
Onto the open road we ride…

--Fr. Vince Rosonke

There is nothing like the open road on a motorcycle with the view of the world laid out before you. At least that is what Bruno Andreini has felt for the last 50 years. Andreini loved his motorcycle trips so much that in 2005 he decided to gather others who shared his passion and form Monday night group rides. The Blessed Bikers group of St. Boniface Church was born. See the 2018 schedule below as well as their Prayer.

“St. Boniface Church has been a fast-growing parish for the last 10 years, and it’s hard to know the people in the parish,” Andreini says. “So one of the main thoughts was to get people together and get to know each other and help a little bit in that respect, and it certainly has done that. The group is open to members outside of St. Boniface as well.”

“The other reason for creating the group was to give a little diversification to our religion,” Andreini says. “The Blessed Bikers are still faith based, but we certainly don’t go out and preach gospel to anybody. But nonetheless we still keep that tone. We even have our own pre-ride prayer as copied below.”

The Blessed Bikers meet every Monday, excluding holidays, at 6:15 p.m. in the St. Boniface Church parking lot. The group also has special mystery rides throughout the season. Andreini estimated the group to have 40 – 45 members and an average attendance of eight to 16 each night. The Blessed Bikers follow strict safety guidelines and require that all members have insurance to join. The average Monday night right consists of traveling to a destination 40 – 50 miles away, stopping for dinner or ice cream and then returning home.

“I encourage everybody that I’m around to think safe all the time,” Andreini says. “It’s so important. On a motorcycle you have to be a good defensive driver.”

Blessed Bikers does a weekly ride from early May through the end of September. Anyone interested in joining the Blessed Bikers is encouraged to contact Andreini at 515-992-3455, or email him at ,, or