Donations to the Comandos de Salvamento Berlin (Green Cross)

  1. Donations to the Comandos de Salvamento Berlin (Green Cross)
    Through the generosity of St. Boniface parishioners, a separate fund was created to help purchase four tires and a battery for the Comandos (Green Cross).  The Comandos are a group of volunteers located in Berlin, El Salvador who respond to any and all emergencies in Berlin and the surrounding communities. (tire and battery photos with this piece).
  2. Who are the Comandos de Salvamento Berlin?
    The Comandos are a group of volunteers who provide services similar to those we receive from our local fire department. The volunteers serve as both firefighters and emergency medical responders, while their official vehicle is both the ambulance and fire truck. Having a dual purpose and vast geographic region to serve, this truck gets a lot of use.

The equipment and other donations made by St. Boniface parishioners through the years have had a big impact on the Green Cross. The Comandos are able to provide better services to the people of Berlin and the surrounding communities while increasing their own safety. Firefighting is dangerous work, and the Comandos are doing it with minimal safety equipment and limited training.

You may notice that the truck is not equipped with fire hoses. The area does not have fire hydrants, either. If water is used to put out a fire, the Comandos use buckets instead of hoses.

With a multi-purpose vehicle, it is difficult to find ways to transport accident victims in a prone position. Sometimes, victims sit upright in the front seat.

The Comandos volunteer their time to provide critical services to their community, just like our volunteer firefighters and EMS providers. Because most El Salvadorans work long hours to barely earn enough to feed their families, volunteers are hard to find. There just isn’t enough time left in a day to serve the community without sacrificing one’s own needs.

During our last visit the Comandos made a point to tell us they are extremely proud of the work they do and they will gladly continue their service. It is a calling to serve and they believe God will provide what they need to survive.

They also reminded us to honor our own first responders and the sacrifices they make to serve us. On behalf of St. Boniface and the Comandos, thank you to all of our first responding heroes!

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