Welcome Wagon Basket Deliveries

I delivered a basket over the summer. I was nervous at what I might encounter as this was my first experience with the program. We brought a basket that was loaded with household goodies (including a special request for chocolate). David (the client) was home and welcomed us into his apartment with open arms. It was sparsely populated with donated things but clearly everything was being used in a purposeful way. We talked a little bit about David’s participation in the program and how thankful he was to be off the street. It was challenging not to ask the burning questions, “How did you wind up in this situation, What’s it like to be homeless, etc”, but we let David offer what he was comfortable with. What we found out, and what I’m learning more and more, is that David was much like me. He had a home, had a job, a seemingly normal life. A work injury resulted in a layoff. He was unable to gain employment in his profession and as a result things started spiraling out of control, eventually to the point where he lost his home and wound up on the street. He was very thankful for programs like Joppa that were helping him reestablish some normalcy in life. Ted Martens

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