Mollie Vogel Mass Activity Bag Coordinator

There are many volunteer activities that go on behind the scene at St. Boniface. One such project
is the upkeep of the children’s activity bag located at the southeast corner of the Gathering
Space. Both Mollie and Gina Becke keep these bags so wonderfully organized. When we
recently saw Mollie working on the bags, it seemed like a good time to learn more.


Q. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

A. My husband Dean and I live in Urbandale and have one son, Elijah who just turned four. We’ve been members of the parish for about five years.


Q. What are the activity bags used for?

A. The activity bags are provided for any child that needs a little extra activity during church. We usually have about 35 bags available, each filled with three books, various toys, puzzles and games, and an “I Spy” book with items from the church service.


Q. What prompted you to take on this volunteer project?

A. The parish office sent an email looking for a volunteer to assist Gina with the activity bags. I know how much we use and appreciate the activity bags and thought it would be a good fit for my schedule. Gina and I take turns each month, organizing the bags after the weekly Masses. I can come in the morning or afternoon, whenever it’s convenient. And Elijah can help, too!


Q. What do you have to do to keep the activity bags organized?

A. Each week we sort and clean the activity bags. The books are wiped down. Each bag is recounted, sorted and missing or broken pieces are replaced. The bags get washed several times a year to keep them looking nice. We shop for items to put in and donate some of the items ourselves. The office also helps out with ideas.


Q. Are they any supplies parishioners can donate for the bags?

A. As far as donations, we’re always looking for new books/games/puzzles to keep the kiddos occupied, but obviously we can’t put anything in there. So I would hate for someone to send something that we can’t use like pens, markers, very small items, or loud items. Maybe we could say suggestions for items would be great!


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