Meet the Gratias Sisters

If you appreciate a happy smiling face when you enter the church for Mass, you’ve got to love Victoria and Juliet Gratias, two of our volunteer Mass greeters. The young ladies are daughters of Scott and Laura Gratias. To learn more about what drives these two high-school students to volunteer, we shared several questions with them. Here are their responses. 

Give an overview of your duties as an usher:
We greet and welcome everyone and assist them in finding seating.  We pass the baskets to collect tithing, direct people to communion lines, and answer any questions as needed.

What made you decide to usher?
We have grown up witnessing our parents and grandparents volunteering in their parish communities and we wanted to help too.

What other activities at St. Boniface have you been a part of?
We have both been part of Grace Within since the beginning and have enjoyed dancing for the parish and being a mentor to the younger girls.  Mentoring has involved faith chat groups, sleep overs, and empowering girls to be good citizens and Christians in, and outside of church.  Victoria also had the chance to be an altar server for several years and serve at mass.

Give an example of a feel good moment as an usher:
We enjoy greeting people with a smile and getting to know the people we attend church with.  It’s really fun to see teachers, family friends and kids from school and faith formation at mass.

Describe St. Boniface:
St. Boniface is a friendly environment with upbeat music where people learn about and come to know Jesus and the Catholic faith.

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