Brayden Harder Eagle Scout Project

How did you decide to do this as a scouting project?
I wanted to do something for my church, and I had recently learned about St. Mary’s cemetery. I checked it out and saw that it needed some work, so I asked Fr. Vince, and he thought it was a great idea.

What scouting award did this project provide you with?
A. This project will fulfill the requirement to do a project that will benefit your community, for the rank of Eagle Scout.

What were your objectives with this project?|
A. My goal with this project was to give the cemetery a good “curb appeal”. I wanted to give the cemetery some color and spruce it up.

Who all helped you and how long did it take?
A. I had members of my family and my scouting troop help me with this project. While I have been planning this project for a while, the actual work took four work sessions in the months of October and November.
What do you learn from the doing this project?
A. Eagle Scout projects teach the scout many different skills. It taught me leadership, teamwork, communication, and the ever more important skill of hard work. The skills learned on the path to Eagle are very important, and I have always had fun along the way.

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