St. Boniface Supports the Food Pantry

The Waukee Area Christian Food Pantry, a non-profit outreach ministry sponsored by area churches, serves as many as 140 families per month, up 30% from last year. As a community of faith, this organization is united in sharing God’s love with those in need by providing assistance and linking them with resources that will enable them to become healthier in mind, body and spirit. The pantry’s mission is to provide non-perishable food and personal items to meet short-term needs to those living in the Waukee School District, Dallas County, or those with approval from any supporting church.

The program is supported by many volunteers from St. Boniface including seniors, adults, teens, Faith Formation classes, and regular and occasional donors of food during food drives. People interested in volunteering can donate food and money, pick up supplies at grocery stores and at the Food Bank of Iowa, process (weigh, sort, box, shelve) food, transport food, carry out trash and recycling at pantry, work in the community garden, collect donations at grocery stores, prepare bags for donation events, and give talks about pantry for community and school groups.

Several St. Boniface parishioners volunteer at the Food Pantry on a regular basis. Parishioner Don Perschau commented, “The Pantry provides a wonderful flexible opportunity to help our community and to work with many other people.  I think of the other volunteers and clients to be like a close-knit family. It is also a great place for high-school student to earn Silver Cord hours.” Another parishioner, Jim Bates had this to say, “The pantry receives food from a variety of businesses. I haul some of that food to the pantry, and do home delivery during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It’s a joy to serve this organization.” When asked about her involvement at Food Pantry Cindy Macarthy responded, “I help coordinate a weekly BackPack program that provides food assistance on the weekends for Waukee students in grades K-12. I pick up food donations at local businesses, and check, sort, and stock inventory. I also help with the intake process and shop with patrons as needed. The Waukee Food Pantry is like a second home and family to me. It is truly a blessing in my life and a privilege to serve this wonderful organization.” Gina Becke remarked about her work at the Food Pantry, “My favorite thing is to help patrons pick out their food as they “shop” inside the pantry. This allows them to get a week’s worth of food. I also help stock the shelves with incoming food from donations. I love to be able to help the patrons and make them feel comfortable in coming to the food pantry.  That is why we are there to help!”

The Pantry is located in the lower level of The Westview Church at the corner of Boone Drive and University Avenue. View an online album titled Food Pantry 2017 to see parishioners Don Perschau and Jim Bates hard at work. Learn more about the Food Pantry.

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