El Salvador | June 2016 Update

June 2016 Update

A smaller group went to El Salvador, our 23rd trip, in order to give more time to review our many mission efforts.  Here is some of what we found:

  1. Last year’s corn crop failure has left people with the food option being our quarterly food drops of four 100lbs bags of edible corn.  Thanks to your generosity, we will be able to make one last delivery in August.
  2. Thanks to a generous donor, Felix Siman of Miami Florida, we received a $10,000 donation.  He chose to sponsor the weatherproofing of homes by purchasing roofing lamina of nine sheets for each household. That’s 243 sq. feet that can be attached to roofs or walls.  His family is El Salvadoran and so has many contacts there. View pictures of the lamina delivery.
  3. Our small 300 sq. foot clinic is well-staffed.  Batrice works nearly full time visiting the 165 households, and keeping a census on the health in the community.  We now have a doctor who comes two times a week.  Little to nothing has been told to them about the Zika virus. Read more about clinic.
  4. We will be adding two new computers to our lab, which will bring the number to six.  A young man named Henry staffs it 30 hours per week.  Participants are mostly grade and high school kids, but we are working on adult classes in literacy and farming.
  5. We continue to sponsor any kid who wants to go to school.
  6. We also supplied fertilizer to this year’s crop.  Thank God they are getting more rain.

~ Fr. Vince

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