Youth Faith Formation Registration Letter and Information

St. Boniface Youth Formation
Registration Letter and Information
May 16, 2016

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your support of our youth formation programs this past year. It is now time to register for next year’s sessions. By registering this spring, it allows our staff time to prepare materials, scheduling, group sizes, etc. Please note the enclosure for specific registration details and make sure to register your children during one of these times. After May 22nd we try to save all available spaces for new members joining over the summer.
We offer sessions on both Monday and Wednesday for grades 1-8; Preschool/Kindergarten sessions are held during Sunday morning mass times; 9th grade Confirmation prep is offered on five Wednesdays throughout the year; and our high school youth group meets on Sunday evenings. Remember it is ‘first-come, first-served’. If you need a specific time, please come to the first registration day. It’s your best chance of getting the time and day you desire.
You must be present to register your children for Faith Formation. Please do not take cards for anyone else. Parents may register only their own children. If there is a problem, please call Amy at the Parish Office.
St. Boniface Parish, and you as parents, form a partnership that helps develop the religious and spiritual formation of our youth. The Church says that parents are the primary teachers of the faith to their children. We offer programs that help youth learn and grow in their faith experience, but we do not take your place. You are the primary example to your child of values, faith, morals and lifestyle. When we work together, we have the best advantage for success in our efforts. We are pleased to be able to continue offering some opportunities for parents and children to share faith together next year. Check our calendar this fall for some “family nights” held during youth formation.
We applaud the fact that so many of you here at St. Boniface make faith formation a priority for your children. Many of you are catechists or volunteers and are active in the parish. Our beliefs must be strong if we are to pass on the faith experience to our children. Our programs help assist in your child’s formation, but they cannot be the only church-life experience. That is why participation in Eucharist and other parts of our faith community is crucial.
It is the Church’s expectation that parents who have youth in religious formation are to be practicing the faith themselves. The primary ways of practicing our faith are celebration of the Eucharist and being involved in the life of the parish. Together with this “life and faith” partnership between parish and home, our community will flourish with the involvement of all our members. Please review, sign and return the enclosed Cost & Explanations form for more information about this.
Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in the faith formation of your children. Please call on us with your questions and concerns.

Fr. Vince Rosonke, Pastor
Amy Slick, Youth Formation High
TJ Irvin, High School Leader

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